Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Partners with Sculpture Hospitality


TORONTO — Jon Taffer, executive producer and host of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, has partnered with Sculpture Hospitality to endorse the company’s full suite of inventory-management services.

Sculpture Hospitality offers Bevinco, Bevinco Mobile, Bevchek and Measuring Cup through a network of individual owners/operators. Taffer will work closely with Sculpture Hospitality to continue to enhance the suite products to better serve the market. This collaboration will enable Sculpture to integrate cost saving strategies, based on Taffer’s years of experience.

“In my extensive experience, I can honestly say that Sculpture Hospitality’s inventory solutions are world class and by far the most comprehensive in the industry,” says Taffer. “The flexibility that operators have to pick and choose between options that satisfies their needs is unparalleled, choosing from their app to hiring a local representative to doing inventory management.”

“Our accuracy is unparalleled and offers insights into ordering using our intelligent PAR and order system, that adjusts based on your historical data,” says Vanessa De Caria, president, Sculpture Hospitality. “We can digitally track stock transfers and requisitions between areas, export our reports to various outputs and integrate seamlessly with a large number of POS systems for automated sales transfer. We are also able to monitor draft beer in real-time with Bevchek’s flow meter system that also fully integrates with Bevinco and most recently, we can monitor food using our proprietary food inventory software, Measuring Cup. Working with Jon Taffer can only help us to enhance the customer experience.”

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