Bocuse d’Or 2013 Win Goes to France; Canada Out in the Cold


LYON, France — A dark cloud has fallen over the 2013 Bocuse d’Or competition, matched appropriately by a light rain that fell on the thousands of fans, supporters and candidates as they left the SIRHA site in Lyon, France. In the end, Canada and the United States were once again kept off the winner’s podium in the 14th defeat in as many competitions held since 1987.

France’s Thibaut Ruggeri (of Maison Lenôtre) won the gold trophy and €20,000 (nearly $27,000) at Bocuse d’sOr 2013. The silver trophy and €15 000 (more than $20,000) was awarded to Denmark’s Jeppe Foldager (of Søllerød Kro Holte). Japan’s Noriyuki Hamada (of Hotel Bleston Court) won the bronze trophy and €10,000 (more than $13,000). By contrast with the Canada/U.S. record, this was France’s 10th podium (seven gold, two silver, one bronze) and Denmark’s 5th podium (two gold, two silver and one bronze).This was Japan’s first podium position awarded after 14 tries.

Special Awards of Merit were also presented. Winners included Norway (Fish Award); United Kingdom (Meat Award); Guatemala (Best Promotion); Hungary (Best Poster); and United Kingdom (Best Clerk).

Members of the crestfallen Canadian (50-plus participating) and U.S. (approximately 100) delegations were shocked. One delegate, voicing the attitude of many others, commented, “What’s the point of participating in this kind of a farce! We spent two years training our candidate, keeping him away from his job and normal career, and, for what — a slap in the face.” Another commented, “We raised over $125,000 to get our man here — what a waste — and what do we tell our supporters at home?”

Despite the widespread dismay, Canada’s Alex Chen and assistant Jack Beers wowed many of those gathered. Similarly, the U.S.’s Richard Rosendale and assistant Corey Siegel proved themselves as outstanding chefs.

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