Breakfast Beer for Toronto World Cup Fans?


TORONTO — In a move that likely surprised most in Toronto’s bar scene, Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, who famously quashed the expansion of that city’s bustling Ossington strip bar and restaurant scene, is now championing a temporary by-law that would see bars and restaurants serving booze to jubilant World Cup soccer fans as early as 10 a.m.

Held this year in South Africa, where local game times would mean 7:30 a.m., 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. start times in Toronto, the World Cup has historically been a significant boon to watering holes in many of Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods. As such, Pantalone told The Globe and Mail that his support for pre-noon imbibing is all about economics. “This will give small businesses a little shot in the arm,” he said. “People who want to spend some additional money will be permitted to spend the additional money,” he told the paper.

According to the article, Pantalone’s proposal goes before council this week, and that he thinks the chances of it passing are high. What’s more, the province’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission is unlikely to stand in the way, saying that the city is well within its rights in terms of enacting temporary by-laws vis-à-vis the 10 a.m. World Cup exception.

The 2010 World Cup takes place between June 11 and July 11.


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