BRF Brasil Joins HFAC’s Certified Humane Program


HERDON, Va. — The Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) has admitted BRF Brasil — one of the world’s largest food companies — into its Certified Humane program for 33 of the producer’s chicken farms in Goiás, Brazil. BRF Brasil has been selling chicken products under the Jamie Oliver-endorsed Sadia brand to the Brazilian market for decades.

“BRF Sadia is improving the lives of more than 40 million birds under the Certified Humane Brasil program,” says Luiz Mazzon, director of Certified Humane in South America. “We expect this program to continue to grow as more consumers demand humanely raised food.”

The Virginia-based HFAC is a leading international non-profit certification program that aims to improve the lives of millions of farm animals used for food production. The Certified Humane label can be found on meat, poultry, egg and dairy products in Canada, the U.S., Brazil, Chile and Peru. Certified producers must use HFAC defined standards of animal care, which HFAC enforces and inspects on a regular basis.

Under HFAC standards, animals must be fed a nutritious diet, free of antibiotics and hormones. They must also be raised with proper shelter, resting areas and sufficient space to support natural animal behaviours, such as spreading wings, perching on posts, living cage-free lives and moving freely on pastures.

“Having one of the largest food companies in the world commit to raising its animals Certified Humane shows any producer of any size can commit to raising farm animals humanely,” says Adele Douglass, executive-director of HFAC. “BRF will set a high bar for other food producers and farmers to follow.”

Since HFAC’s Certified Humane program was first launched in 2003, more than 140 companies have raised more than 514 million farm animals under HFAC’s stringent standards.

More information on HFAC and the Certified Humane label is available here.

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