Calmar Courts Sweet Deal


CALMAR, Alta. – The mayor from Calmar, just southwest of Edmonton, has announced a $90-million project that could generate 150 permanent jobs at two plants that would produce a healthy sugar substitute.

The project, which is backed by Chinese investors, will include one plant that will generate BioNeutra Inc.’s patented VitaSugar and one that will produce the starch used in the formula developed by China-born researcher Jianhua Zhu in Edmonton in 2004.

“I don’st see any reason why it won’st happen,” the town’s mayor, Kirk Popik, is quoted as saying in the Calgary Herald. “The backing is there and they are just tweaking it up.”

VitaSugar is comprised of starch from Alberta crops, like wheat, barley and potatoes. It has one-quarter the calories of regular sugar, is a soluble fibre that aids in reducing cholesterol and works as a probiotic that helps produce “friendly” bacteria in the large intestine.

The factories are expected to be up and running by 2012.



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