Chipotle Sued For Claiming Its Menu Is GMO-free


SAN FRANCISCO — Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer LLP has filed a federal class action lawsuit against Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., alleging Chipotle’s marketing materials, which claim to offer GMO-free food are misleading.

“Consumers today are very concerned about what they eat and restaurants know that consumers place a premium on food that is considered to be healthy or natural,” stated Laurence D. King, an attorney for the proposed class. “As a result, Chipotle’s advertising in its stores should have accurately informed customers about the source and quality of its ingredients and should not mislead consumers that they are serving food without GMOs when in fact they are.”

Chris Arnold, Chipotle spokesperson, denied any comments when Eater reached out stating, “As a matter of policy, we don’t discuss pending legal action, but we do plan to contest this.”

The lawsuit alleges that Chipotle serves meat products that come from animals that feed on GMOs, including soy and corn, and that its sour cream and cheese ingredients come from dairy farms that feed animals with GMOs.

The complaint alleges violations of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, the California False Advertising Law and the California Unfair Competition Law.

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