Iceberg Water to Set Up in N.L.


TORONTO — The Toronto-based Canadian Iceberg Water Corp. has finally found a home for its production facility in Port Union, N.L., according to the province’s Telegram newspaper.

After a 15-year search for a property with a deep, protected harbour and sparse housing, the bottling company’s new building will be located at Port Union’s old Coaker retail store.

“We’sre waiting for the exterior to be finished before we start work on the interior,” said David Sacks, president of Iceberg Water. “Because they’sre restoring (the building) to the original format, it’s taking a lot longer to build than a new building.”

The building was commissioned between 1916 and 1918 by founder of the Fisherman’s Protective Union, Sir William Ford Coaker. It was rebuilt a year after it burnt down in 1945 and the Iceberg Water Corp., donated $300,000 to the Sir William Coaker Heritage Foundation for its restoration in 2008.

The new facility is expected to employ 50 people in the first year and 150 by the fifth. There’s no news yet as to when the building will be completed.

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