Fogo Island Inn Appoints New Executive Chef


FOGO ISLAND, Nfld. — The Fogo Island Inn has appointed Timothy Charles as its new executive chef.

Originally from Nova Scotia, Charles has been working at the Fogo Island Inn since 2012, starting out at the Kitchen Training Centre while the property was still under construction. Over the years, Charles climbed the ranks from sous-chef to executive sous-chef and now executive chef. During his tenure, Charles has cooked alongside Canadian and international culinary icons, such as Hugh Acheson, Jeremy Charles, Jamie Kennedy, Emma Cardarelli and Afrim Pristine.

In his new role, Charles will lead his culinary team and explore time techniques, such as fermentation, salting, picking, aging and de-hydrating. With more than 80 per cent of ingredients sourced locally, Charles’ approach to cooking is deeply rooted in the interconnected experiences of travellers.

“Our guests want a hint of indulgence when visiting Fogo Island, but they also want to hike, explore and be active outdoors in nature,” says Charles. “Guests may have squid for dinner and later serendipitously see people out in boats jigging for squid, and that adds another layer to their experience. [Similarly,] they may be out picking berries with our outdoor adventure guide, Lorie, and then drop off their berries with us in the kitchen when they get back. Later they’ll find them gently pickled garnishing some smoked fish at the start of their evening meal.”

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