Kids Forgo Meals with Toys


CHICAGO — Kid’s meals with toys are declining in popularity, according to NPD Group research.

“Kids are different today than they were a decade ago. They want to grow up fast and don’t want to be thought of as kids. Moms are also more concerned with the foods their kids are eating,” said Bonnie Riggs, NPD restaurant industry analyst.

“Restaurant operators and foodservice manufacturers understand this and are offering more varied options on kid’s menus, downsized portions and healthy alternatives.”

The research group reports that restaurant orders of kid’s meals with toys have been declining for several years. Part of the reason for the change could be that families aren’t throwing as many parties at fast-food outlets as in the past. In fact, in 2006, there were 21-billion restaurant parties with kids,’ 17 billion of which were at fast-food restaurants. In 2011, there were 19.5-billion restaurant parties with kids,’ 15 billion of which were at fast-food restaurants.

The group’s research finds that kids are eating more healthful options, such as fruit, chicken wraps and fruit smoothies.

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