Kimchi Gets its Due


TORONTO — Kimchi, a staple of Korean cuisine, is slowly becoming a go-to ingredient at a number of Toronto restaurants, the Toronto Star reports.

According to the Star, the Korean favourite, usually made by fermenting a vegetable with garlic, ginger, chili flakes, green onion and a seafood-based ingredient, is becoming popular at non-Korean restos. Nick Liu, the executive chef of Niagara Street Café, Victor chef David Chrystian and Burger Bar owner Brock Shepherd now include various interpretations of the pickled side dish on their menus.

“We really wanted to come up with authentic foods for each culture,” Chrystian told the Star. “Tourists can come in and try what Toronto is all about in a few mouthfuls. A big group can sit down and eat the whole city. It’s salty, sour, cooling.”

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