McDonald’s Canada Introduces MacCoin to Mark 50th Anniversary


TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada is launching the MacCoin — the first fully food-backed global currency to mark the 50th anniversary of its Big Mac sandwich.

MacCoins will make their debut in Canada on August 2 and will be available in more than 50 countries. Each coin is redeemable for one Big Mac at participating restaurants around the world.

“As one of the most well-known and iconic McDonald’s menu items — and business driver — around the globe and in Canada, the Big Mac deserves the celebration that the coin evokes,” says Jeff McLean, chief Financial officer, McDonald’s Canada. “The fact that, in 50 years, the Big Mac has become so universally recognized it’s used to measure the purchasing power of international currencies is pretty remarkable.”

There will be 50,000 coins available in Canada however they are not being distributed with a purchase in Canadian restaurants. By entering the #BigMac50 contest on Twitter from August 2 to 8, Canadians can share why they love the Big Mac to earn coins. There will also be giveaways at local radio stations.

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