McDonalds Canada Reveals Canadian Ice-Cream Cone Capitals


TORONTO —To celebrate the start of its annual $1-cone promotion, McDonalds Canada has revealed which Canadian cities had the top ice-cream-cone sales in 2018.

The top Canadian cities for cone sales during the $1-cone promotion held from May to August 2018 were:

  1. Bathurst, N.B.
  2. Regina
  3. Laval, Que.
  4. Calgary
  5. Squamish, B.C.
  6. Orleans, Ont.

In addition to these cities, Ladner B.C. was recognized for holding the record for selling the most cones in a single day — with more than 1,200 cones — while Saskatchewan was recognized as the leading province for cone sales during the promotion. In addition to being top Canadian city for cone sales, Bathurst also holds the record for most cones sold throughout the entire year.

McDonalds Canada also announced that for a limited time this summer, it will be introducing a chocolate-waffle-cone option for guests in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for $2 plus tax.

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