Murphy Hospitality Group to Produce Cannabis Beer

Photo: Gahan House Port City, Saint John, New Brunswick (Facebook)

CAMBRIDGE BAY, Nunavut — Prince Edward Island-based Murphy Hospitality Group (MHG) announced a partnership with Province Brands of Canada to produce a private-label cannabis-powered beer through its subsidiary, Canna Island Inc.

“We established Canna Island to work with LPs and MPs downstream to develop products for the cannabis industry. We see Province Brands as a world leader in the development of cannabis beer with its patent-pending technology. Because of this, and its commitment and dedication to producing a world-class product, we chose to work with Province Brands,” says Kevin Murphy, president of Murphy Hospitality Group. “Canna Island strives to be a leader in Atlantic Canada in the cannabis-beverage and edibles business and we look forward to launching products in 2019.”

MHG — which owns a suite of restaurants, including five Gahan House locations, boutique hotels and award-winning breweries in the Maritimes — will lend a unique recipe for the product while Province Brands of Canada will use its patent-pending technologies (that mash and ferment cannabis) to produce non-alcoholic cannabis-brewed beer and beer infused with cannabis oil.

The production will take place in Province Brands’ 123,000-sq.-ft facility in Grimsby, Ont., which is currently under construction.

“Growing up in the Maritimes, I’ve been a long-time fan of Murphy Hospitality Group and the Gahan House,” says Greg Foster, director of Product Development and Operations of Province Brands. “MHG has an excellent reputation for creating unique beers, so it’s really exciting to be partnering with them. I’m confident they will put a Maritime spin on our unique product.”

Beers brewed from the cannabis plant will intoxicate using THC and other phytocannabinoids instead of alcohol. The beer will be gluten-free and low in calories and sugar.

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