New York Fries Introduces Non-Fungible Token Draw


TORONTO — New York Fries, in partnership with Virtual Next, has introduced its latest innovation for Fry Society consumer loyalty program: a NFT or Non-Fungible Token draw.

NFTs are a form of digital media, most commonly artistic and creative works, which can be sold or traded on block-chain networks. For New York Fries, implementing a Fry Society NFT draw will drive intrigue and appreciation among the brand’s loyal fry fans. Members who made a purchase that month will be rewarded with a chance to own a custom piece of New York Fries branded digital media.

“We’re thrilled about working with our partner Virtual Next to implement NFTs as the latest innovation in our Fry Society customer loyalty platform,” says Alyssa Berenstein, Marketing director, New York Fries. “The New York Fries brand has always been committed to celebrating our valued customers and keeping the brand on the pulse of trends and current conversations. We hope to make the Fry Society NFT draw a monthly program as we believe it is a great way to engage with current fans and hopefully expose the brand to a new audience of fry lovers.”

“The New York Fries NFTs are a great way to deliver unique value to the most loyal members of the New York Fries brand” says Bijan Shahrokhi, CEO, Virtual Next. “We are so excited to partner with a forward-thinking brand by enabling the NFT program for New York Fries.”

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