PayPal Moves Into the Restaurant Market


TEXUS — PayPal, a major online payment company, will be challenging existing credit- and debit-card payment choices in U.S. restaurants and bars with the introduction of a new app that’s being released in partnership with Tabbedout, a Texas-based startup that offers mobile payment solutions.

“Tabbedout now offers PayPal as a payment option within the app. Instead of settling your tab with a credit card, you can now pay using your PayPal account at select Tabbedout locations in Austin, TX, with more locations to come soon,” reads a note on Tabbedout’s website.

One of PayPal’s objectives is to offer a system where users can pay without having to deal with a waiter. Users will need to use a credit or debit card to open their Tabbedout account, but to settle their account they can enter in their email address and password to pay using PayPal.

For more details on the app that is available in the Apple App Store, visit

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