Rational Presents Whitefficiency to T.O. Reps


TORONTO — The Pearson Convention Center in Toronto served as the meeting ground for a Rational consultant seminar yesterday, Feb. 9, that attracted approximately 50 dealers, reps and designers to learn about the German company’s whitefficiency selfcookingcenter.

Released late last year, the new machine is touted for its HiDensityControl (which ensures heat is distributed evenly), its SelfCookingControl (which has preset temperature settings); and Efficient LevelControl (which cooks multiple foods at the same time).

During a demo, the machine evenly baked croissants with a shiny finish; re-heated a plated breakfast of poached eggs and the fixings; and steamed fish, pasta and vegetables for a buffet in less than 10 minutes, proving a reoccurring theme at the event. “You can change technology, but you can’t change people,” said Gerhard Kramer, senior project director for the company in Germany. “We design our equipment for every type of customer.”

The seminar was well received by attendees who said they left with some key selling points — the machine is made to reduce labour and costs, while improving food safety, consistency and, well, efficiency.

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