Snacking Up in U.S. Foodservice


CHICAGO — The snack daypart is a booming business in the U.S., with almost half of consumers snacking at least twice per day, according to a new report from Technomic, a Chicago-based research firm.

“Recent consumer research indicates snacking is becoming a larger part of consumers’ daily lives,” said Darren Tristano, Technomic’s executive vice-president.

“Pressure from the nutritional disclosure legislation has prompted the foodservice industry to reduce calorie counts in meals. As a result, Americans are now more inclined to “graze” throughout the day, seeking snacks that provide fuel between traditional meal parts.”

The new study, “Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report,” also identifies impulse snacking as a driving force with 62 per cent of survey respondents reporting their away-from-home snack consumption is impulse purchasing.

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