Subway Canada Joins Informed Dining Program


TORONTO — Subway Restaurants have joined the Government of British Columbia’s “Informed Dining” program.

The unique program, which was unveiled this week in B.C., informs customers of the nutritional values including sodium and caloric intake on menus at participating restaurants in the province.

“Subway Canada knows our customers are looking for healthy and tasty options,” said Kathleen Bell, national marketing manager, Subway of Canada. “That’s why we’re committed to providing nutritional details on our products. We are proud to partner with the Informed Dining program in British Columbia and delighted to extend this program to our 2,800 restaurants across the country.”

Meanwhile, The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA), with several provincial and territorial governments in tow, are working on a goal to make Informed Dining the national standard for providing restaurant guests with reliable nutrition information.

“We’re very pleased Informed Dining is gaining momentum with governments and restaurants across the country,” said Garth Whyte, president and CEO, CRFA. “So far, 25 leading restaurant chains have implemented, or are working to implement, Informed Dining in B.C., and restaurant-goers will become very familiar with the program logo by the end of this year.”

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