Sysco Helps Restaurateurs Navigate Re-Opening


TORONTO — Sysco Canada has developed a “Snapback Toolkit” to support operators as they create plans to re-open restaurants and explore new ways to sustain and grow their business. 

The Snapback Toolkit contains a checklist of considerations restaurateurs can consider as they adapt during these challenging times. By collaborating with industry partners, Sysco provides insights and resources to help navigate topics such as safety and sanitation, the new guest experience, business planning, marketing and insights. 

“Our Snapback Toolkit not only has checklists, tools and critical information, but it delivers these resources in ways that are accessible to all. Restaurateurs are responsible for all aspects of their business and Sysco’s first priority, beyond delivering food, is to deliver expertise to help them succeed and care for their customers,” says Randy White, president of Sysco Canada. 

One resource provided by the company to its customers is the Sysco-Advantage program, which offers discounted rates and services to restaurateurs who are customers of Sysco. The program offers discounts that can amount to more than $15,000 in annual savings if a customer were to enroll in every program, as well as opportunities to work with experts in digital and traditional marketing, online ordering, takeout and delivery apps and services, food safety, staff training, financial services and more.

The full Snapback Toolkit, along with podcasts discussing the latest industry trends online can be found here.  

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