Taco Bell and Pizza Hut Move to Eliminate Preservatives From Food


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are ditching the artificial colours and flavours in their food, making them the latest big food company to make the switch.

Artificial ingredients will be removed from approximately 95 per cent of the Taco Bell menu, minus sodas and co-branded products such as Dorito-flavoured taco shells. High-fructose corn syrup and unsustainable palm oil will be removed from its food by the end of 2015, and artificial preservatives will be removed “where possible” by 2017.

Pizza Hut will take colours and preservatives out of its food by the end of July.

There has been no news about whether KFC — also owned by Kentucky-based parent company Yum Brands — will be making the switch. According to various reports, the company will aim to keep the menu affordable.

The announcement by Taco Bell and Pizza Hut comes months after McDonald’s revealed it would stop using chicken and milk treated with human antibiotics. Panera Bread also announced earlier this year that it would eliminate artificial flavourings and preservatives from its menu items by 2016.


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