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The Changing Landscape is Shaping Chicken Offerings

In the current foodservice environment, many operators are re-assessing menus and, in many cases, chicken remains at the heart of offerings. However, the protein...

Companies Respond to Plea from Foods Banks

OTTAWA — Companies around the country are stepping up and helping food banks after a nationwide plea for support. The SAQ (Quebec’s government-owned liquor retailer)...

KFC Canada Announces Partnership with Chicken Farmers of Canada

VAUGHAN, Ont. — KFC Canada is partnering with Chicken Farmers of Canada and will begin featuring the Raised-by-a-Canadian-Farmer seal on its in-store packaging, signage at Canadian KFC...

Canadian Operators Are Stickin’ With Chicken

Canadians are eating more chicken than ever. According to the Chicken Farmers of Canada Data Booklet, in 1965, the average Canadian ate 10 kilos...

Cara Continues to Work to Evolve Animal Welfare in Canada

VAUGHAN, Ont.— Cara has announced its continued commitment to animal welfare in Canada. The company is working with its suppliers to further the humane...