The ICCO Canada Announces Icco Unico Primo Pentola D’Oro Awards 2023

Unico Primo Pentola D’Oro Awards 2023 Save The Date November 17, 2023 Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex

TORONTO — The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario Canada (ICCO Canada), and the title sponsor Unico Inc. and Primo Foods, are presenting the 11th annual Pentola d’Oro Awards at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex on November 17.

The awards gala promotes the excellence of Italian cuisine and its centuries-old traditions of rich flavours, regional diversity and fresh, high-quality ingredients. The event is a celebration of Ontario’s food-and-beverage industry that recognizes the lasting impact of exceptional leaders who have dedicated their lives to creating remarkable businesses and contributing to the growth and success of the industry.

“Over the years, Unico Inc. and Primo Foods have supported the Pentola d’Oro Awards, celebrating the growth of the food-and-beverage industry, its entrepreneurship, creativity and social commitment in Canada and Italy,” says Corrado Paina, ICCO Canada’s executive director.

“ICCO Unico Primo Pentola d’Oro celebrates the heart and soul of Italian cuisine, honouring both tradition and innovation within Ontario’s vibrant food-and-beverage landscape. We’re privileged and honoured to be part of this event as it’s a testament to the passion, dedication, and innovation that shape our industry,” says John Porco, COO of Unico and Primo Foods.

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