The Recipe for success is “In The Bag!”


The foodservice industry has a lot on its plate right now. As an industry that typically struggles with low profit margins, high staff turnover and increasing labour costs, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified these challenges. Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd. has understood these stressful challenges and has brought an innovative solution to the table.  Using proprietary sous-vide techniques developed through more than 25 years of experience, its line of fully cooked Safe Sous Vide™  proteins has already made a positive difference in the kitchens of many Canadian foodservice operators.

So, what is Safe Sous Vide™?

Safe Sous Vide™ uses the traditional cooking technique in which proteins are sealed in pouches and cooked under vacuum.  With Safe Sous Vide™, natural juices are retained, spices intensify and flavours are accentuated as the proteins never leave the sealed package until they are opened at your kitchen. This makes it easy for chefs to use the proteins in multiple menu creations by providing the flexibility to add their own sauces and seasonings, creating impressive dishes without the extensive labour requirements of cooking from scratch.  Safe Sous Vide™ delivers restaurants convenience without sacrificing quality.

Delivering consistency…wherever you are

Foodservice professionals take pride in providing excellence and consistency in the food experiences they offer. For chefs this means delivering flavourful, tender and delicious dishes every time. Cardinal offers the highest levels of consistency in the industry with the ability to perfectly control cooking time and temperature through its innovative process. Safe Sous Vide™ makes it easy for any restaurant to do this, ensuring the perfect protein is delivered to their guests in every visit.

From a Top Chef

Chef Andrea Nicholson — Food Network Canada personality, host of Restaurant Takeover, Top Chef Canada All-Stars chef and Fire Masters judge — is certain Safe Sous Vide™ products have enhanced her operations in many ways, especially over the past year. Initially skeptical that quality would be as good as “from scratch,” Nicholson experienced first-hand how dishes could come together easier, faster and taste as good as if the protein element had been prepared from scratch. One taste of Cardinal’s Safe Sous Vide™ Rotisserie Chicken won her over. Aside from the top-notch quality, Nicholson loves the convenience that the proteins can go straight into her walk-in cooler. With many operators currently relying on takeout and delivery service, Nicholson says Safe Sous Vide™ products have been a game-changer for her in optimizing her business during the currently unpredictable restrictions on restaurant operations.

Convenience, versatility and cost savings

Naturally, different venues have different needs, and Safe Sous Vide™ works beautifully in all of them. Whether your business is a restaurant, a retirement home or a food truck, you’ll appreciate the time, labour and cost savings that comes with Safe Sous Vide™.  Cardinal’s wide range of products is incredibly versatile, too. One protein can be quickly and easily incorporated into many different dishes. Perfect portion sizes make it easy to track and control costs, and impressive savings on prep time means you have reduced staffing needs.

With all we have learned through the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems likely that crowded kitchen working areas may be a thing of the past. By reducing prep time, Safe Sous Videä allows you to work with fewer staff and the sealed environment means these proteins have the highest levels of food safety for your guests.

To learn more about Cardinal’s Safe Sous Vide™ line of products and the benefits they can bring to your business, visit

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