Names Joe Beef Best Restaurant in Canada


Montreal’s Joe Beef has taken the lead as the best restaurant in Canada on’s list of 50 restaurants as decided by the public in conjunction with a team of 34 of the “nation’s top food experts.”

Four judges contacted David McMillan, co-owner, Joe Beef, to reveal his restaurant as the winner; it’s a win he shares with the foodservice community.

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s solely about food. I’sm very concerned not only about what goes on in the restaurant, but what goes on inside the garden and what goes on in our relationship with our peers,” he said. “It’s not really promoting oneself it’s promoting everyone. It’s not Joe Beef that makes it great, it’s all of my peers and our friends that work together.”

Vacay’s top five of 50 includes Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ont, followed by Vij’s Restaurant in Vancouver and Atelier in Ottawa, while Charcut Roast House in Calgary, rounded out the top five. []

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