Wacky Restaurant Round-Up


Customers craving crazy dining experiences should look no further than The Huffington Post for the Zagat round-up of 10 wacky restaurant concepts.

A standout is the Bors Hede Inne in Washington.

“Minstrels play as your server hands you scented water and linens to wash up before you scope out the menu laden with items like Fenberrie Pye and Buttered Worts,” reads the Post’s description of the Medieval eatery.

The list also includes Las Vegas’s Heart Attack Grill, which serves up caloric-laden burgers; China’s Dalu Robot where the waiters are, well, robotic; and California’s Class 302, which features waiters dressed in school uniforms serving Taiwanese food in a classroom-inspired setting.

To read all the wacky resto picks, visit huffingtonpost.com.

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