Winston Foodservice Launches New CVap Product Line


LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Winston Foodservice has released a redesigned CVap product line featuring aesthetic upgrades as well as improvements in the electronics, programming and functionality.

An upgrade from the company’s legacy CVap product line, the new line is still powered by Winston’s patented Controlled Vapor Technology (CVap), which gives the operator unparalleled control over food quality when cooking, holding, staging or retherming food products. Features for the new product line include a USB/Audio Port, Capacitive Touch (C-Touch) wheel control, integrated food-temperature probe and CVapProgramming-App compatible, which enables the user to program equipment by waving an Android phone near the control sensor and “bump” settings to the equipment.

“Other equipment heats air. Equipment with CVap technology is designed to heat food, with unmatched precision and versatility,” says Shaun Tanner, general manager, Foodservice Division. “Couple that with the enhanced design aesthetic and improved ease of use and you’ve got a beast any operator will be happy to add to their kitchen lineup.”

The new CVap line includes holding cabinets, cook-and-hold ovens and retherm ovens in various sizes and capabilities.

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