A Fresh Take on Seasonal Produce


In 2022, Wholesale Club’s commitment is on seasonal produce, says Curtis Mabee, category director, Produce/Baker/Floral, National Wholesale. “This year we’re putting our efforts into ensuring we have secured inventory for all stores, flavours and programs.”

He reports that Wholesale Club’s fruit business grew by double digits in 2021. “Foodservice operators are putting more focus on having seasonal profiles on their menus, especially when it comes to certain dessert offerings. We’re working with suppliers to build off that success to ensure there is plenty of seasonal product to suit any menu.”

Each season brings new ideas for operators. Berries are the preferred choice over the spring and summer months, as well as mangos. “Mangos are a great kickoff to the spring and summer seasons,” says Mabee

The fall is the perfect season for purchasing the freshest apple varieties, while “Pomegranates are a key offering in the November/December season. In January/February, clementines and other citrus fruits gain popularity as supply from South Africa and Florida ramps up.”

To keep chefs abreast of supply, seasonal produce is featured in weekly promotions, including Wholesale Club’s popular deal of the week, he adds.

Mabee says customers can rest assured that seasonal items on display are fresh. “The store-ordering system looks at forecasts and sales history to ensure the right produce is coming in at the right time and delivered five to six times a week, so it doesn’t sit in a warehouse to ensure the highest quality and freshness.”

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