Barton Seaver & Rouxbe Launch New Sustainable-Seafood Course


VANCOUVER — Award-winning chef Barton Seaver and online culinary school Rouxbe have teamed up to launch a new course, “Seafood Literacy with Barton Seaver: Knowledge & Technique from Sea to Plate.”

The 15-hour online-training course is designed to give professional cooks, seafood industry professionals and passionate home cooks the skills and the confidence to serve more sustainable seafood.

“I could not be more proud or excited to be launching this course with Rouxbe, as we dive into every aspect of seafood in the modern kitchen — from sustainable sourcing to serving,” says Seaver. “I strongly believe our health as humans depends on the health of the ocean and that the best way to connect these two is at the dinner table. This course speaks directly to this idea.”

The course will equip students with the knowledge and techniques to help explore the tastes, textures, flavours and culinary opportunities of sustainable seafood. Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn a certificate, as well as the potential to earn continuing-education hours through the American Culinary Federation’s Education Foundation (ACFEF).

“For many cooks, even professionals, seafood can feel daunting — but it doesn’t have to,” says Ken Rubin, Chief Culinary Officer at Rouxbe. “This new course is so incredibly comprehensive, addressing everything from how to source, prepare and serve seafood, a core skill set required in today’s kitchen. And we were thrilled to co-develop the curriculum with the foremost sustainable-seafood expert Barton Seaver, as his insights are sure to keep students engaged throughout the program.”

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