Beef Basics


A few things to consider when choosing beef for your menu

Inspection: Canada’s mandatory inspection system helps to ensure Canadians have a safe
and wholesome food supply. The Canadian meat-inspection stamp means the meat has met both Canadian and international standards for food safety.

Grading: Grading is a quality designation based on several characteristics, including marbling. The top Canadian Grade with the most marbling is Canada Prime, found mainly at fine-dining restaurants. Canada AAA is generally the premium grade, followed by Canada AA and Canada A. Grading is not mandatory.

Marbling: Marbling, which can enhance beef juiciness and flavour, refers to the fine white flecks of fat running through lean cuts of beef. The amount of marbling helps determine the grade of beef.

Aging: Aging beef is accomplished by holding beef at specific temperature and humidity for a set period of time — usually a minimum of 10 to 14 days. It’s a carefully controlled process that can dramatically improve beef tenderness and flavour

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