Beer Boutique Launches in Toronto


TORONTO — Toronto’s Liberty Village is now home to The Beer Store’s smaller urban cousin, The Beer Boutique, which appeals to consumers looking for a more informed beer-buying experience.

The new concept has a hip, Earthy design with exposed ceilings, brick walls and a reclaimed wood table at the heart of the store that will serve as a good spot for the tasting and pairing events slated for the space. The new site will sell more than 350 brands of beer in singles and six-packs, as well as 24s, to appeal to urban shoppers who might bike or walk to the store.

Craft brewers are already talking about potential business opportunities at the new self-serve location. “From a consumer perspective, people want to see the product and touch the product. Anything that allows customers to shop around is always better for small brewers,” Gary McMullen, president of Muskoka Cottage Brewery, told the Toronto Star.

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