Bowled Over

Canadian are continuing their love affair with bowls


Canadian are continuing their love affair with bowls

By Janine Kennedy

Super Bowls are just what the name seems to suggest: bowls filled with a variety of often highly nutritious — but sometimes not — different foods that come together in one harmonious flavour profile. Often referred to as power bowls, Buddha bowls, smoothie bowls, porridge bowls or poke bowls, super bowls have proven to be a highly successful menu item for Canadian foodservice providers.

Ideal for any type of foodservice establishment, super bowls require a significant amount of prep, but come together quickly for service. They are easy to eat on the go and are easily customized to suit any diet or food allergy. This makes for an ideal meal that is both satisfying and nutritious for health-conscious Canadians.

This month, we looked at some Canadian foodservice providers that are making super bowls work for their business. Paradise Poke, based in Ottawa, specializes in the Hawaiian delicacy poke (pronounced Poke-Eh), which is commonly made up of seasoned sushi rice, seaweed, pickled vegetables, nuts and seeds and raw, marinated tuna.

Freshii is a Canadian QSR with locations throughout the world. It has built its brand on nutritious fast food and is often found in pit-stop locations where healthful options would usually be in limited supply. Its menu is entirely customizable and is made up of super bowls that are ethnically inspired. Popular ethnic flavours for super bowls range anywhere from Korean (with ingredients such as kimchi, pickles, sticky rice and braised beef) to Mediterranean (with lemon, oregano, olive oil and lots of fresh vegetables).

For those looking to re-vamp an existing breakfast menu, breakfast bowls and porridge bowls are great ways to stay on-trend without having to make drastic menu changes. Breakfast bowls can feature hard-boiled eggs, fresh vegetables, potatoes and spicy sauces, while porridge bowls can include more superfoods — think ground flax, hemp seeds and quinoa, in addition to classic oatmeal. Get creative with fruity flavours and crunchy toppings — after all, the sky’s the limit when you’re dealing with super bowls.

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