Chase Hospitality Launches Little Fin In Toronto


TORONTO — The Chase Hospitality Group has launched its newest concept, Little Fin, in Toronto. The “grab-and-go” gourmet seafood restaurant features a menu of fish sandwiches, seafood rolls, whole lobster and seaweed salad.

“Little Fin is going to make big waves,” Steven Salm, president of Toronto’s Chase Hospitality Group said. “From the outset, we saw this restaurant as an opportunity to create a quick casual experience for our guests, in keeping with the values and culinary approach that inspired The Chase, The Chase Fish & Oyster and Colette Grand Café.”

Guests can enjoy big-eye tuna, crispy haddock, salmon or burgers on black-sesame or gluten-free buns. Seafood rolls, such as the lobster hotdog and crispy rock shrimp, are served on house-baked sesame challah. Extras include “sea-sides” such as sweet potato lobster chowder and chili-spiced broccoli as well as fresh-pressed juice, cold beer and ice-cream sandwiches.

Little Fin is located at 4 Temperance St.


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