Coffee Association of Canada to Host Conference in November

Man running late for work drinking a cup of coffee

TORONTO — The Coffee Association of Canada (CAC) will host its conference in-person again on November 14 in Toronto after two years of virtual conferences. 

Hosted by Tony Chapman, a diverse group of presenters will share key market-data analysis, explore consumer trends and the latest innovations. Attendees will hear from thought leaders and industry experts on the challenges and potential solutions for today and into the future. 

Some key topics/presentations include: 

  • Seize the Data panel with The NPD Group, Dig Insights, IMI International and NielsenIQ 
  • CEO panel discussion moderated by Richard Southern from CityNews Toronto 
  • Sylvain Charlebois, The Food Professor 
  • Financial Forum with Benjamin Tal, senior economist at CIBC 
  • Marketing panel with Keurig, Dr Pepper and TikTok Canada 
  • Realities in today’s green coffee market 
  • Industry-wide initiatives on sustainability, diversity and inclusion 

While the pandemic influenced where and how Canadians consume coffee, it didn’t stop them from enjoying their favourite beverage, according to the CAC’s proprietary Canadian Coffee Drinking Trends Study. For the last two years, there was a shift to coffee preparation in consumers’ homes, impacting the out-of-home coffee market. However, out-of-home coffee preparation is significantly higher this year than in 2021. 

“We’re excited to be holding our conference back in person again on November 14 in Toronto after two years of virtual conferences. There is something to be said about the positive connection and energy created by sharing a cup of coffee face-to-face. Canadians are craving socialization,” says Robert Carter, president of the CAC. “In any given month, seven in 10 Canadians will have consumed a coffee in the past day. According to our 2022 Canadian Coffee Drinking Trends Study, 69 per cent of Canadians 18 plus agree that they ‘enjoy socializing with friends/family over coffee’. So, with all of these twists and turns, what does ‘The Road Ahead’ look like? That’s what we’ll be exploring at this year’s Conference in Toronto.” 

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