Eat Up Canada Partners with Chef Vikram Vij


TORONTO — Eat Up Canada has partnered with chef Vikram Vij to launch Bombay Frankies, a new Indian street food restaurant concept coming to the GTA this September.

The restaurant is named after India’s number-1 street food, the frankie roll, which originated in the city of Bombay. The frankie is a handheld, burrito-style flatbread called a paratha, filled with meat or vegetables, Indian spices and sauces. The restaurant will also serve frankie bowls, salads, side items and drinks.

“Frankies have always been dear to my heart because they bring me back to the streets of India, its culture and deep-rooted food history,” says Vij.

“The goal is to open three to five locations in the first year, with the potential for more than 100 restaurants in 10 years,” says George Heos, co-founder of Eat Up Canada. “Having seen the rise in popularity of Indian cuisine in Canada, we believe there’s a huge opportunity for Bombay Frankies in the fast casual restaurant sector.”

“In addition to Chef Vij’s stand-out menu items, we plan to focus on offering superior customer service and a great team culture,” says Alex Gerzon, co-founder of Eat Up Canada. “These are the core values that Eat Up Canada is committed to as we move forward with Bombay Frankies and other exciting projects.”

Franchising opportunities are available across Ontario, ideally between 1,200 and 1,500 sq. ft.

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