Growing Interest in Health Trends Opens Door to New Opportunities

Hawaiian tuna poke bowl with seaweed, avocado, red cabbage slaw, radishes and black sesame seeds. Top view, overhead, flat lay

CHICAGO — Canadian consumers’ interest in health continues to grow, boosting competition in the healthy food-and-beverage landscape. The 2018 Canadian Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report explores the opportunities and challenges arising as consumer definitions of health evolve and health trends become more demanding.

“Restaurants are quickly adopting health trends by adjusting menu offerings to be plant-based or gluten-free and adding information such as calorie counts,” says Anne Mills, senior manager of Consumer Insights at Technomic. “As consumers’ health definitions evolve and competition heightens, looking beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to health can help differentiate.”

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • 39 per cent of consumers say healthy options at restaurants taste better than they did two years ago
  • 56 per cent of consumers say it’s important to eat healthy and pay attention to nutrition
  • 29 per cent are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers some healthy options, even if they don’t end up ordering a healthy dish

The 2018 Canadian Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report compiles findings from more than 1,200 consumer responses, as well as Ignite menu data on healthy item trends.

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