Hello Fresh Sets New Sustainability Targets


BERLIN — Meal-kit provider Hello Fresh has exceeded its sustainability plans for 2020 and announced plans to expand on its efforts for 2021 and beyond.

In 2020, carbon emissions at the company’s production facilities decreased from 9.3 to 4.1 grams per euro revenue and food waste in operations was reduced by a third on a per euro revenue basis.

“In 2020, we offered our customers a safe, convenient way to source fresh ingredients when they needed it most. Our responsibility for our planet and our people has significantly increased with the size of our company, which is why we’ve continued to radically focus our efforts on progressing our sustainability agenda over the past year,” says Thomas Griesel, co-founder of HelloFresh.

Since launching key initiatives in 2020, Hello Fresh has become the first global carbon-neutral meal-kit company. Moving forward, the company has set two target goals:

  • reducing production facilities’ CO2 emissions per euro revenue by 60 per cent in 2022
  • reducing food waste to landfill or incineration per euro revenue by 50 per cent in 2022

“The targets, in two of the most important and impactful areas of sustainability, provide the necessary framework for significantly progressing our efforts and will enable us to set standards for measuring other areas of environmental impact,” says Griesel.

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