Ontario Restaurant Workers Will Get COVID-19 Vaccine in Phase 2 of Rollout


TORONTO — Ontario officials confirmed Monday that restaurant workers will be included in Phase 2 of the province’s COVID-19 rollout, despite not being included a week earlier, CP24 reports.

On March 5, officials released a detailed list of people who will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 2. Workers were divided into two priority groups: teachers, child-care workers and those in food manufacturing or agriculture; and high-risk and critical retail workers, such as those in grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as lower-risk workers in financial services.

Restaurant staff and members of the food-and-beverage industry were not specifically mentioned.

However, on Monday, the Ministry of Health and the Premier’s office confirmed to CTV News Toronto that restaurant workers will be part of Phase 2, as well.

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