How can I generate a quality e-mail list?


Q. How can I generate a quality e-mail list?

A. I believe that you have to generate your own e-mail list and there are several simple ways to start to do this.  But first let me suggest that you really need to ensure you capture all your current guests before, or as you reach a larger market.  Your current customers are those that you should be most easily able to convert to ‘regulars’.

In order to communicate better with your customers, e-mail will be an inexpensive and comprehensive way in which to share upcoming events, specials, recipes and anything else.  The more interesting and inviting, the more you can connect with your customers.

The easiest way to collect your customers’s email addresses is to put together an ongoing contest where guests drop in their business cards to be included in a draw for a free dinner, bottle of wine or other perk.  The better the perk the better the response. 

Another way is promote a prize to those who register on your website (most important for those ‘surfing through’) so that they drop their email address and as a result, get put on your e-mail list, even if they are yet to actually try the restaurant.  Now at least you can go to them rather than waiting for them to find a reason to come to you.

You can also create a Facebook, LinkedIn or other social network account and start building a list from those that visit your site.

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About Doug Fisher:

Doug Fisher is foodservice consultant specializing in franchise development, strategic planning, mergers and corporate sales, business planning and litigation support. He is currently President at FHG International – Foodservice & Franchise Consultant.

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