KFC and Ruffles Create the New Chip Flavour

Potato Chips and other assortments of salty snacks top view over a table

TORONTO — KFC and the Ruffles brand have teamed up to create RufflesKFC Original RecipeChicken-flavoured potato chip, now available at major retailers across Canada for a limited time. Additionally, the product includes 20-per-cent off a $10 KFC order online or through the KFC app.

“KFC’s secret recipe is one of the best-kept secrets out there, but we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to make the ultimate finger-lickin’ good chip with such a powerhouse brand,” says Katherine Bond-Debicki, CMO, KFC Canada. “We love seeing what’s happening with like-minded brands uniting, and we’re thrilled to join forces with Ruffles to bring the unimaginable to consumers who know and love our products.”

“Ruffles and KFC have a lot in common – we both have a legacy of innovative products that pack a big, satisfying crunch and mouth-watering taste,” says Lisa Allie, senior Marketing director, PepsiCo. “Ruffles KFC Original Recipe Chicken chips give Canadians a unique and adventurous flavour and crunch experience.”

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