KFC Takes Heat After Choking Incident


CALGARY — A Calgary woman is dissatisfied with the monetary restitution offered by quick-service giant KFC after her daughter allegedly choked on a bone in a supposedly bone-free meal, the Calgary Herald reports.

According to the Herald, Tina King’s two-year-old daughter, Kylee, choked on a quarter-sized bone in a popcorn chicken meal. The toddler survived the incident, but King is upset with KFC’s offer of $250 and lack of apology. “To say here’s $250, shut your mouth, sign your paper and be done with it — to me, that’s not acceptable,” King told the Herald.

A spokesperson for Yum! Restaurants Canada, which owns KFC, said the company is taking the incident seriously.

“We immediately investigated with our meat supplier, who has rigorous quality standards and advanced technology in place, and is investing additional checkpoints as a result of this isolated incident,” spokeswoman Deb Quinn told the Herald.

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