La Belle & La Boeuf Eliminates Single-Use Plastic


MONTREAL — La Belle & La Boeuf has launched a waste-reduction initiative by banning all types of single-use plastics from its 13 restaurants across Quebec. This initiative follows the brand’s elimination of plastic straws last year. 

“We applaud the Prime Minister’s announcement last June on the ban of single-use plastics. But why wait for legislation to be passed to act?” says Jack Gaspo, designer and co-founder of La Belle & La Boeuf. “The question of plastic pollution is a great concern of ours and, as restaurateurs, we feel that it is our duty to act. With this initiative, we want to position ourselves as a leader in the industry to counter the scourge of plastic pollution.”

Through this initiative, all plastic bags and Styrofoam containers provided in restaurants will be replaced with paper bags and recyclable dishes made of eco-friendly materials. For other single-use plastics, the company plans to prioritize compostable packaging.

As a result of these changes, La Belle & La Boeuf expects to eliminate the use of more than 52,000 single-use plastic products in one year, reducing its annual waste production by 3,655 kg (8,060 lbs).

“In our own way, we want to change our consumption habits, and also encourage our customers to question theirs,” adds Gaspo. “This initiative has no financial purpose for us; we simply believe that it is our duty as a company to have a social responsibility, and that the environment is a cause on which we can have a concrete impact.”

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