McD’s Launches Salt-Reduction Program


TORONTO — Health and nutrition experts have been calling on the foodservice industry to reduce the amount of sodium in its products for years, and the federal government has also been making noise about possibly legislating reductions as well.

But some foodservice companies are taking things into their own hands. McDonald’s Canada recently announced it is lowering the sodium level in its products by using ingredients such as sodium-reduced grilled chicken, tortilla and ranch sauce and a lighter cheese blend.

“I’d call it a significant reduction in sodium,” said Richard Ellis, senior vice-president of Communications and Public Affairs at McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd.

McDonald’s recently launched a lower-sodium grilled chicken snack wrap option in its Happy Meals, which has just 530 milligrams of sodium, down from 780 milligrams. Sodium levels in other menu items will also be reduced, including its Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich (down to 810 milligrams from 1,010); the Breakfast Burrito (down to 700 milligrams from 800); and the Mighty Caesar entrée salad (down to 780 milligrams from 910).

The sodium-reduced products are now available at McDonald’s franchises across the country.


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