Modern Plant-Based Foods Increases Capacity for KitsKitchen Soups to Meet Demand


VANCOUVER — Modern Plant-Based Foods has moved its manufacturing facility of its KitsKitchen soups to increase capacity and meet surging demand. With additional product, KitsKitchen will expand its line to Eastern Canada and increase its presence in larger retailers.

The company has also appointed Avtar Dhaliwal as its new CEO effective Jan. 4, 2022. Dhaliwal brings years of experience in the food industry to his new role, with a specialty in supply chain, compliance and regulatory processes. Former CEO, Joni Berg, will continue to work with the company focusing on KitsKitchen.

“I’m pleased to pass the position off to Mr. Dhaliwal, a colleague I’ve worked with and have significant confidence in,” says Berg. “I’ll continue to work with the company, and particularly KitsKitchen and KitsCheeze, giving it the attention and focus it will require to become a global brand. I know Mr. Dhaliwal will do an amazing job growing the company and the brand, as consumer consumption habits change among millennials and generation X.”

“I’m excited to lead Modern Plant-Based Foods into the next step of growth and expansion in this fast and rapidly expanding market,” says Dhaliwal. “I’ve been in the food industry ever since I can remember and will continue to work closely with the team and our aggressive growth strategy into other markets in North America and around the world. I will continue to focus on an aggressive growth pattern with a heavy focus on cutting-edge products, marketing techniques, and acquisitions.”

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