Modern Plant-Based Foods to Launch Seafood Division


VANCOUVER — Modern Plant-Based Foods will be launching a plant-based seafood division. Its core products will include crab cakes and new plant-based smoked salmon.

“We recognize there’s a constant need for innovation to keep up with the rapid growth in the plant-based sector and our company takes pride in getting ahead of consumer demand and trends,” says Tara Haddad, founder of Modern Plant-Based Foods. “The alternative-seafood sector is still in its infancy, and it’s an area where we want to establish ourselves as industry leaders. Smoked salmon is extremely popular and widely consumed around the world, and we feel there will be a surge in interest of products that have been developed by chef’s — not manipulated by scientists.”

“With alt-seafood ventures worldwide receiving at least $83 million from investors in 2020, compared to $1 million three years prior, it’s apparent there is interest in the growth of this sector,” says Cassidy McCord, Chief Corporate Officer of Modern Plant-Based Foods. “As we move forward, sustainability of future generations is key as current reserves will simply not be able to keep up with consumer demand. We want to make a different and swing the pendulum back.”

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