Montreal May Require Restaurants to Display Inspection Ratings


MONTREAL — City officials in Montreal are undertaking an effort to have provincial legislators force restaurants and foodservice providers to display inspection ratings, according to CBC News.

City council unanimously approved a motion put forward by Ensemble Montreal that would force the provincial Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) to make it a requirement for restaurants to display inspection ratings in an establishment’s window. However, restaurant owners are pushing back against the plan because the ratings are already available online.

Martin Vezina, a spokesperson for the Quebec Restaurant Association, says that the displays will cause problems with customers’ perceptions. Vézina has suggested Montreal adopt a demerit system similar to what the province uses for driver licences, however city councillors don’t support the idea.

While members of the Quebec Restaurant Association disagree with the plan, some Montreal foodservice owners are in favour. Montreal restaurant owner and chef David Ferguson says he supports any move that makes restaurant dining safer, but wants education to be a central part of the plan.

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