New Gluten-free Standards Produced for Foodservice and Hospitality Sector


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — The Canadian Celiac Association, Fondation québécoise de la maladie coeliaque, and Gluten-Free Food Program Inc. have joined forces to create and promote the new industry standard for the celiac community, launching GF-Smart, GF-Verified and GF-Dedicated programs for the foodservice and hospitality industry.

The Gluten Free Food Program (GFFP) will serve to improve the dining-out options for those suffering from a gluten-related medical disorder, by arming the foodservice and hospitality sector with standardized professional training, management systems and best practices.

“Gluten-free diners are looking for dining options that are safe,” says Anne Wraggett, president, Canadian Celiac Association. “They often fear eating out due to negative past experiences and lack of consistency throughout the hospitality sector, increasing the risks of consuming gluten accidentally. Our members will be excited to visit and support these outlets.”

The Canadian Society for Nutrition Management (CSNM) — the national association representing Food and Nutrition Managers across Canada — has adopted GF-Smart as part of its member curriculum. Dave Lebert, CSNM Continuing Education chair, says “Gluten-free diets, procurement of safe food for these special diets, and, most critical, teaching and providing direction to our staff who work with gluten-free clients, are among the many facets of responsibilities our members endure on a daily basis. We are thrilled to partner with GFFP to offer the GF-Smart program to our members, and even more excited to include this course as part of CSNM’s Continuing Education program.”

GF-Verified and GF-Dedicated standards have been created to ensure a consistent approach to internal management systems. From the purchase of ingredients, food storage, preparation, cooking, service and delivery of gluten-free meals, GF-Verified denotes an establishment that provides both regular and gluten-free meals. GF-Dedicated indicates that all meals provided within the establishment are gluten free.

Logos for the GF-Verified and GF-Dedicated programs will be displayed to indicate to the gluten-free community that an establishment has been externally audited by an independent auditor and achieved GFFP standards.

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