Pizza Hut Introduces Gluten-free Pizza


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Pizza Hut will be attracting a new breed of customers with the launch of gluten-free pizzas through a partnership with Boulder, Colo.-based Udi’s Gluten Free and the Auburn, Wash.-based Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG).

Udi’s is providing the signature crust for the new cheese-only and pepperoni gluten-free pizzas, while GIG is providing the in-store training for employees. “We partnered with the most-respected names in the gluten-free community to develop a best-in-class pizza for those looking to limit gluten in their diet,” said David Gibbs, global CEO of Pizza Hut. “Our Gluten-Free Pizza has all the flavour America has come to expect from a Pizza Hut pizza.”

Udi’s Gluten-free crust, cheese, marinara sauce and pepperoni will be stored in a designated gluten-free kit in participating restaurants. During preparation, employees will wear gloves, use a designated pizza cutter and bake the pizza on parchment paper.

The cheese-only and pepperoni gluten-free 10-inch, six-slice pizzas (prices starting at $9.99) will be available in select locations Jan 26. There’s no word if the pizzas will be available in Canada.


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