Pizza Pizza Adopts the Blue Cow Logo


OTTAWA — Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and Pizza Pizza Limited have announced that the iconic Blue-Cow logo will be featured in select Pizza Pizza marketing campaigns nationwide, assuring customers that the mozzarella-cheese topping is made with 100-per-cent Canadian milk.

DFC and Pizza Pizza share many of the same values around food quality, animal care, sustainability, community involvement and supporting Canadian farmers. 

“No fewer than nine out of 10 Canadians recognize the logo, found on 8,600 products, and we are excited to welcome Pizza Pizza into our Blue Cow family of more than 500 brands and three dozen restaurant chains,” says Dairy Farmers of Canada president Pierre Lampron. “DFC looks forward to partnering with Pizza Pizza as it expands across the country, further supporting our commitments behind the Blue Cow that have made it one of Canada’s most trusted brands.”

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