Puratos Reveals Insights for Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate Industries


MISSISAUGA, Ont. — Taste, health and freshness remain the three top factors considered by North American consumers in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industries, according to Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow 2019 survey.

Puratos revealed the survey findings for consumers’ health, convenience, experience and digital preferences in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico at its North American event, which took place May 1 to 2 in Chicago. Data was gathered from 17,000 consumers across 40 different countries for the survey, along with 80 foodies from eight trend-setting cities. Interviews were also conducted with customer and industry experts.

North American insights from the survey include:


  • 77 per cent of Canadians prefer traditional flavours while 55 per cent want to try new flavours from around the world
  • For breads, grains, seeds and sourdough are the top ingredients and also score high in terms of healthiness
  • For pastries, fruit fillings and chocolate remain the most important ingredient flavours to Canadians


  • 72 per cent of Canadians use the “when it was made” date to define freshness while 58 per cent use smell
  • Texture and visual appearance follow close behind

Authenticity, ethics and transparency

  • Canadians value ingredient quality and recipe authenticity the most
  • 62 per cent of Canadians will spend more money for artisan or handcrafted products
  • Canadians want to act more conscientiously by investing in food waste, limiting plastic packaging and consuming more plant-based foods
  • 30 per cent of Canadians believe vegan options are healthier
  • 65 per cent of Canadians seek greater transparency by consulting packaging labels for nutritional information

Personalized Experiences

  • 70 per cent of Canadians want amazing and unconventional eating experiences that go beyond food, however 82 per cent believe that taste is still the most important factor
  • Most North American consumers prefer to shop in physical stores, however online buying is on the rise, as 68 per cent of North Americans think it’s easier to buy food online (interest in online buying is lower among Canadians)
  • North American consumers are open to new digital solutions and innovations, but also want products that are hyper-personal and tailored to their personal preferences

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