Purdys Launching Ruby Products

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VANCOUVER — Purdys is launching two ruby “chocolate” products for International Chocolate Day on September 13.

The new offerings — Ruby Cherry Almond Bar ($4) and Ruby Praline($12/box)— combine ruby with Canadians’ favourite flavours. The Ruby Cherry Almond Bar features tart cherry and in-house roasted almond, which enhance ruby’s natural flavour and add a touch of nutty crisp to balance out the sweetness. Ruby Praline features Purdys’ famous almond purée combined with berries and wrapped in a ruby shell.

“It’s been decades since the last innovation in the chocolate industry. The discovery of this red-pink, berry flavoured cocoa bean has taken the culinary world by storm,” says Rachel McKinley, Purdys master chocolatier. “Personally, I couldn’t wait to work with ruby. At Purdys, we wanted to develop our own take on ruby, creating a sweet that would enhance the fruity notes and give our customers a taste of something new, mixed with a taste of something they already love.”

To achieve ruby’s distinct red-pink hue and fruity flavour, the beans are meticulously sourced from various regions around the world where they undergo a shortened fermentation process to enhance the colour and flavour. Ruby is made entirely with natural ingredients.

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